Mission statement of the schambeck group

Gebäude Prüfhalle

Since 2010 the schambeck group acts as service provider for quality in the automotive industry. Due to the excellent work of our employees day by day as well as the commitment of the management a considerable growth on the global market could be achieved. Values and imprints which were right in the past will not be wrong in the future. Values are our foundation, innovation our drive. Innovation leadership is our goal.

Healthy growth always works particularly well when strong roots, a strong trunk and stable branches feed the young shoots. For the roots to be strengthened, the trunk to be stronger and the young shoots to become new, stable branches, certain basic values and rules are required in addition to good planning and honest work.

With this mission statement the schambeck group gives itself a set of rules for the interaction of all people working in it with each other, inside and outside the company with all involved interest groups. These interest groups of the schambeck group include in particular Customers, employees, colleagues, superiors, suppliers, partners, owners, banks, authorities, the society in which we move, representatives of public life, press and media, the environment and the nature in which we live. This requires a foundation of values and clear rules. We give ourselves a common mission statement that describes the values we stand for, which are important to us, according to which we act strictly and which ultimately make up the company as such. We describe our ethical standards, our social behavior and thus our dealings with each other and our external appearance. Each individual bears responsibility for conducting his or her business in such a way that these principles of the mission statement are always upheld. We always act in such a way that

  • I can tell my family or colleagues about my actions with a clear conscience!
  • I could communicate my actions to millions of people worldwide in the press!

What values do we stand for?

Respect & Tolerance

In our dealings with each other, we show each other unreserved appreciation and respect. Regardless of origin, race, gender, impairment and level of education. Regardless of how great and difficult the challenge may seem at the moment. Different opinions are based on different personal experiences and experiences and are therefore positive potential. We conduct discussions in a factual and results-oriented manner. We respect decisions once made and act accordingly.


We are a medium-sized family business and therefore have family structures and manners. There is a family behind every employee. With the salary we make our living. We act in this awareness and responsibility. If a family member is not well, we help each other. A family is only as strong as its weakest family member. In a family there is not always unity. In a family there is not sunshine every day. We address upcoming issues and clarify possible problems in consensus. We stick together within the family and work towards the same goal. Outside the family, we stick together unconditionally.

You can find the membership certificate of the Bavarian Family Pact here:

Flyer Family Pact Bavaria

Sincerity & Honesty

We deal with each other openly and honestly without reservation. A mutually open communication culture, characterized by sincerity and honesty, is the foundation of trust. Trust is the basis of a positive attitude and positive thinking. Positive thinking is the basis of our success. We are aware that there are situations in which secrecy is necessary. Then the rule applies: “Silence before excuses and digression.

Pleasure at work

Each individual is committed to creating a positive working atmosphere in which the joy of work is the main focus. Discussions about modern phenomena such as work-life-balance assume a mental separation of working time and leisure time. This is the wrong approach! We have to get rid of this mental separation of working time as an annoying evil and leisure time as a positively occupied time of life. If we regularly make ourselves aware of the fact that we also grow older during working hours, it quickly becomes clear how important it is to have fun and enjoyment during working hours as well. Because with joyful work I not only create added value for the company, with joyful work I primarily create

Added value for myself and for my fulfilled life as a whole!

Role model

Lasst uns Vorbild sein! Wir wollen als Unternehmen wachsen, deshalb holen wir jungen Nachwuchs und neue Kollegen mit ins Unternehmen. Gerade junge Menschen und neue Mitarbeiter suchen Vorgesetzte und Kollegen an denen sie sich orientieren können. Abhängig von Sympathien, Neigungen, Handlungen, Charisma, usw. kann jeder als Vorbild auserkoren werden, ohne es zu ahnen. Am Verhalten des Vorbilds werden sich die neuen Kollegen orientieren. Am handeln des Vorbilds werden sie ihr eigenes Handeln ausrichten. Darum lasst uns jederzeit Vorbild sein!

Beyond these fundamental values, we consider it a matter of course:

  • compliance with law, laws and regulations!
  • not to tolerate harassment and violence at work!
  • not to give alcohol and forbidden substances any place in the company!
  • to always enjoy safety and physical integrity as top priority!
  • not to distribute any conveniences or privileges for the purpose of gaining advantages!
  • incorruptibility and not to accept any conveniences or privileges!
  • the protection of our nature as the highest command of our actions, in the sense of our descendants!

True to our values and dedicated to the goal of innovation leadership!

Signed, Christian Schambeck in January 2018

Supported and carried by all managers and employees in the company!

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